How does the transfer process work when I sell a site?


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When you list a site with us, and sell the site, our transfer team helps to securely transfer everything from you to the new owner.

Once the site has been sold, we will send you a document to sign that you and the buyer both complete.

Once completed our transfer team will help to transfer the domain, the back up of the site, social accounts (if applicable), email accounts (if applicable) and analytic access to the new owner. Once everything is completed and confirmed we will release the funds to you.

Recap our team will:

1. Take backup of site

2. You will transfer the domain (we can help if needed)

3. Provide login details to social accounts (if applicable)

4. Provide login details to email accounts (if applicable)

5. Transfer full analytics access

6. We set up everything on the buyers end

7. Buyer gets 2 days to confirm everything is working

8. We will send you an email once everything is completed

9. Veem will send you a link where you input your banking details

10. Veem will allow you to track where your funds are and when they will be deposited.

This process usually takes anywhere from 7-10 days but could be longer depending on the buyer and how long it takes them to set things up on their end.

If you have any questions on how the process works please get in touch by clicking the purple chat icon in the lower right hand side of this screen.

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