What are the steps in selling a website?

Ryan Gunn

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If you are interested in selling your site, it will need to go through our due diligence process first. You can get started by filling out the valuation tool on our website or by emailing our selling agent directly (ryan@motioninvest.com). 

After you fill out our form, you will receive an email response within 24 hours from our team. Our selling agent will contact you with the next steps that we will need for our due diligence process. They will also let you know if the site does not fit our criteria. 

The selling agent will make sure that you have provided us with proper access to Google Analytics. They will also make sure that you have provided the correct income proof videos, images, and anything else needed for our due diligence process. Every site is different, so the proof required will differ based on how you monetize your website. 

After our team receives all of the proper information, we will be able to get started on our due diligence. Our selling agent will provide you with an update when it hits the halfway point in our process. They will be able to answer any questions that you have along the way. They will also let you know if the team needs anything else or has any specific questions for you.

If the site passes all of our checks, we will send you an offer at the very end. This will either be a Marketplace offer, where we list the site on our Marketplace. Or, we will send you a Direct Buy offer, where we offer to purchase the site outright. 

So To Recap:

  1.  Submit your site using our valuation tool or by contacting our selling agent directly. 
  2.  Wait for the response from our selling agent, who will provide you with the next steps that we will need for our due diligence process (based on your specific site).
  3. Provide us with the proper data and income proof.
  4. Wait for our team to complete our due diligence. 
  5. Receive an offer at the end if it passes all of our checks. 

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