What Is The Difference Between A Direct Buy Offer & A Marketplace Offer?

Ryan Gunn

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When selling your website with Motion Invest, there are two different offers that we send out. This comes after a website successfully completes our due diligence process and passes all of our checks. The first option is a Direct Buy Offer and the second option is a Marketplace Offer. In this article, I will explain the difference. 

Direct Buy Offer

This is an offer from us to buy your website directly. If you sell directly to us there are no fees involved. We can also get you the money a lot quicker than if we were to list the site on our Marketplace. Direct Buy offers come at a lower multiple than if we were to list directly on our Marketplace. These offers are more rare as compared to the Marketplace option. A site has to hit our specific criteria for us to buy it outright.

Marketplace Offer

This is an offer from us to list your website on our Marketplace. There is no fee to list the site but there is a success fee if it ends up selling. This is usually 15% to 20%, depending on the size of your site. Marketplace offers come at a higher multiple than if we were to buy it directly. These offers are much more common than the Direct Buy option. 

Do I Get To Choose Which Offer I Get From Motion Invest?

Our team decides what type of offer that we want to send you after your site completes our due diligence process. You can share with us your preference but our team will decide in the end if it is a fit for us. We are not able to purchase every site that comes into our system and a wide variety of factors determine the route that our team decides to go after due diligence. 

In Summary

Straight Buy Offer

- Motion Invest offers to purchase your site directly. 

- No fees involved

- Offer comes at a much lower multiple than if you were to list on our Marketplace. 

- We are able to send you money quicker

Marketplace Offer

- Motion Invest lists the site on our Marketplace.

- No listing fee. We only get paid a success fee if we sell your site.

- Offer comes at a much higher multiple than if we were to buy it directly.

- Only a 30-day exclusivity on our Marketplace.

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