What are the steps in buying a website?


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When you are interested in buying a site, you will pay a non-refundable $1,000 deposit on the site. Once this is paid, it means the site is yours, so please do any due diligence you need before paying the deposit.

After the deposit is paid, our team will reach out and will send you a purchase agreement document that you will need to sign. After the document is signed, our team will give you the information to send the remainder of the funds through a wire transfer. If you want to pay the remainder through a credit card or PayPal, there is a 5% fee.

Once we receive the remainder of the funds, our team will help to transfer everything from the old owner to you. Our team will help to set everything up and will help to swap out the links on the top 20 pages. If you want us to do more pages, it will be $3/page.

Once everything is setup on your host and registrar and you are up and running, we will release the funds to the seller.

So to recap:

1. Pay deposit

2. Sign purchase agreement

3. Wire remainder of the funds to us

4. We help to setup the site on your host and registrar

5. We help to swap out the links

6. We release the funds to seller

If you have any questions please reach out to our Buying team on chat or email us at contact@motioninvest.com.

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